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Social Service

The Glienke Agency; TGA, is an established leader in providing risk management solutions to non-profit and Social Service agencies across the Midwest. We understand the diverse insurance needs of Social Service organizations, and offer them a comprehensive approach to help reduce their overall cost of risk.

We represent numerous financially sound companies that are committed to providing industry leading programs for social service agencies. From abuse and molestation coverage for organizations that work with children and families, to professional liability for your trained professionals that are teaching or counseling your clients, as well as workers' compensation coverage for employee injuries.

TGA also promises to help you after the sale. Our staff stand ready to assist you with filing claims with your carrier, as well as assisting you with securing a fast and fair settlement. We are also committed to providing you safety and loss control services tailored to your specific needs, and programs.

We insure agencies that provide the following types of services:
  • Vocational Training and Residential Services to persons with disabilities
  • Substance Abuse counseling and residential services
  • Mental Health counseling and residential treatment
  • Foster Care/Adoption Services
  • Family preservation services
  • Community Action Agencies/Head Start Providers
  • Gambling addiction treatment
  • Any non-profit social service agency as defined by IRS section 501(c)(3).
Please contact us to set-up a meeting to discuss your agency's insurance needs.
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