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Contingent Income Disclosure Statements

There has been a great deal of press regarding the New York Attorney General's investigation into certain business practices of some Insurance Brokerage firms. The most recent allegations center on the use of placement agreements and bid rigging. This investigation has extended to other states and some insurance companies.

Contingency agreements that have been available to TGA differ from the agreements that are being questioned. Traditional contingency agreements are based on profitability, volume, retention, and other similar factors.

We have always, and will continue to act in what we believe to be our clients' best interest. To act otherwise would be a violation of the trust you have placed in us. Additional information on this topic can be found at:


Property/Casualty and Bond Department

Carriers with Potential for Contingency Commissions

Accident Fund
Continental Western/Tri-State
General Casualty Insurance
Iowa Mutual
Philadelphia Insurance
St. Paul Travelers
United Heartland
Westbend Mutual/NSI
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